Young The Lion is the unofficial band of Cedar Rapids, according to our percussionist. We cover everything that your girlfriend's friends like to dance to while playing songs that your boyfriend's parents can get jiggy wit!
Disclaimer- We do not actually play Getting Jiggy Wit It!
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Formed December 18th of 2015, Young The Lion burst on the scene singing Christmas tunes at Cobble Hill Restaurant. At that time, we were unnamed, had a Ukulele/singer named Amanda and didn't play another show until a year later as the newly named, Vagabond Music.


After a few more months, and a couple more name changes; The 319, LARA, and Forest Drive, we kicked our Ukelele player out (she moved to California) started calling ourselves; Young The Lion, and began bringing an intimate, funky, and fun sound to Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Iowa City, DeWitt, & Dubuque. 


HATERS- "You'll be successful as a cover band in Iowa when pigs fly"


YTL- "That's where Iowa's cover band got their name!"

Meet the Band

Adam Hadjis

Adam Hadjis has been making music for as long as he can remember.

His vocals have been featured on countless hip-hop tracks nationally & internationally, and he performed as a solo artist during his time in Chicago.

Adam is the definition of an entrepreneur & a family man. He is the father of 4, married to the one he had a premonition about, and owner of the highly successful Gianna’s Italian Beef in downtown Cedar Rapids.

When not performing with YTL, Adam uses his gifts to serve on the worship team at Veritas Church. #ytlmusic @adamgreyallday

Ryan Phelan

Ryan Phelan has been playing guitar, and multiple other instruments, professionally in the Cedar Rapids area for over 25 years. Ryan studied Jazz Improvisation and music education at Kirkwood Community College and is currently one of the Rock Band instructors at the Eastern Iowa Arts Academy where he also teaches lessons.

Having played with several bands including Dr. Z's Experiment, Mirage, Hero's for the Weirdos, and Young The Lion, Ryan continues to play music professionally in eastern Iowa and throughout the US.

His solo album, Memories, was released in November of 2018 and can be found on all major streaming sites! #ytlmusic @rphelan40

L.D. Kidd

Lovar Davis Kidd, known as L.D., has been a percussionist in and around the Creative Corridor for the last fifteen years.

He is no stranger to the stage having performed extensively in both dance and musical theatre productions throughout the US. Most notably, he was an ensemble member and principal understudy of the 2nd National Tour of the award-winning musical In The Heights. Prior to ITH, Kidd was a core member of the all-male modern dance company, EDGEWORKS Dance Theater in Washington DC.

He has had the privilege of playing percussion with local artists, Josh Meisner, Zachary Freedom, JJay & Ashley Lunsford, Zach & Sarah Blickens, Junk Funk, & many more!

L.D. is the proud father of two handsome boys, Myles & Kohen. He is based out of Cedar Rapids, IA where he is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher. #ytlmusic @lovardaviskidd